Introducing the Textreel API

December 18, 2020

Today's the day folks, the Textreel API has launched.

Rocket launch

It's official, our brand new API is ready for use and allows you to integrate audiogram conversion into your apps and projects using a simple REST-based API.

To get started head over to the documentation page at

Pay as you go

Rather than forcing you to commit to a monthly prescription the API operates a pay as you go system where you simply purchase credits through the dashboard and you're good to go.

If you'd prefer to pay at the end of each month please get in touch with me.

Developer friendly

Poor documentation can be infuriating so we've spent a lot of time making sure ours is simple and easy to understand. You'll find example requests in multiple languages along with what kind of responses you can expect.

Unlimited scalability

We've got scalability handled so it's one less thing you need to worry about. Whether you convert 1 audio a month or 10,000 we've got you covered.

Sandbox environment

Once you've created a Textreel account you'll find your API keys here. We have a full sandbox environment so you can perform as many conversions as you like until you're ready to move over to the production environment.

Happy developing!

- Chris Pattle